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Anyone who has followed Jethro Tull for some time may find it hard to make sense of singer and bandleader Ian Anderson’s spiritual life. His Aqualung anti-church railings gave way to near-pagan Solstice celebrations on Songs from the Wood, which themselves (via a multi-faith instrumental solo album) gave way to a very decent Christmas album with no real sign of irony.

The only way to make sense was to speak to Ian Anderson himself and ask him to guide me through the story.

The second type of artists, the ones concerned with creating great art

Some new releases get launched with a huge media blast, while some just seep out slowly. One that surely deserves a blast, but has quietly evolved in stages, is Andy Hunter’s Presence project, its vision to inspire people’s reflections and experience God’s presence in their everyday lives.

Inhabit International Arts Movement name badges. The Inhabit Conference is a three day event held in New York City and is put together by the International Arts Movement or as it is referred to as I.A.M. (Photo credit: International Arts Movement)

Shawn McDonald Interview as published in The Phantom Tollbooth Sharing time with McDonald is refreshing and real...

much like spending time with his music.

Iona  as interviewed in The Phantom TollboothIona talked to the Tollbooth about  the background to their 'Writers' Pick' album, Another Realm.

Befuddled Irony Presented Live

julietJuliet Stevenson takes on the role of Mother Teresa in the new drama

Lifest 2013 as reviewed in Phantom TollboothLifest continues to be successful in every way.


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