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Descerning the Times: The Need for Spiritual Discernment with Warren Smith, Sarah Leslie, Pastor Larry DeBruyn as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothIn these evil days of ever-increasing ear tickling, Smith, Leslie and DeBruym are among the voices desirous of keeping the remnant alert.

duke special liveIn a world where the corporate music factory is killing talent and creativity, you could argue that Duke Special is a model for how musicians should work in the 21st century.

With eyeliner defining his eyes and his head part-shaven and part-dreadlocked, he doesn’t need a global marketing machine to give him an image. Character and talent are the twin traits that get him business.

escape-to-the-lake2Music, Faith, Community, and Creation.


Grandfather Rock featured in The Phantom TollboothKeeping Rock & Soul Gospel fresh, streaming it live. Grandfather Rock answers 15 Tollbooth questions.

greenbelt-sculptureFor a 40th birthday party, this year's Greenbelt Festival was surprisingly low-key on looking back, but it left plenty of good things in its wake.


 "A vehicle by which to introduce non-Hillsongers (Hillsingers?) to the church's rampant aberrance" or reasonably riveting viewing? Author Jaime Lee Rake uses this movie release to delve deep into the questionable side of a "worldwide worship" phenomenon and arrives at some incisive conclusions.

For the first time, the Nobel Prize for Literature has been awarded to a musician. It will not be the first time that Bob Dylan, recently announced as winner, has annoyed the purists.

Anyone who has followed Jethro Tull for some time may find it hard to make sense of singer and bandleader Ian Anderson’s spiritual life. His Aqualung anti-church railings gave way to near-pagan Solstice celebrations on Songs from the Wood, which themselves (via a multi-faith instrumental solo album) gave way to a very decent Christmas album with no real sign of irony.

The only way to make sense was to speak to Ian Anderson himself and ask him to guide me through the story.

Inhabit International Arts Movement name badges. The Inhabit Conference is a three day event held in New York City and is put together by the International Arts Movement or as it is referred to as I.A.M. (Photo credit: International Arts Movement)

Shawn McDonald Interview as published in The Phantom Tollbooth Sharing time with McDonald is refreshing and real...

much like spending time with his music.

Iona  as interviewed in The Phantom TollboothIona talked to the Tollbooth about  the background to their 'Writers' Pick' album, Another Realm.

julietJuliet Stevenson takes on the role of Mother Teresa in the new drama

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