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title card R copyWarmth and love for a cold, cold world.

For King & Country is playing the big rooms much to this reviewer's surprise.

gene-schmidtBetween his home base in the Dairy State, having a hand in the Christian songwriting community in Tennessee's capital and working in Eastern Europe, he certainly gets around.

GB 12 Flora by Jonathon Watkins. Freak storms fail to quench the Greenbelt spirit as thousands celebrate art, faith and justice

greenbeltThe original Christian music festival had a mountain of quality content this year as it continued its Faith, Art, Justice  strands.

greenbeltAnother life-changing feastival...

Sara Groves’ purity of lyric and superb sense of melody make her songs as timeless and evergreen as the trees that decorated the stage

90In stark contrast to the majestic bigness of the brass, Groves brought out the frail humanness of our condition with her emotionally-honest performance

Hillsong United Milwaukee Concert as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothEdifying, entertaining tunes, most with enough lyrics to keep them from sounding mantric and preformed with heartfely gusto. 

Will Hoge - Modern American Protest Music CD cover. Left-wing talking points set to song, just like in the good 'ole 'sixties.

thisislifehour6Driving guitars and percussion will win the love of all hard rock fans, yet they do not overwhelm the message of the lyrics, and will likely win fans who don’t normally listen to this genre of music.

Edan Concerts' Ignite Fest 2011 as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothEdan Concerts' summer festival brings Chicagoland and Milwaukee three packed days of promise, intrigue and greatness. Like any epic rock fest should.

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