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Luke Reformation 90 Beth Kreitzer provides a female perspective on Luke’s highlight of women.

Reformation Commentary Philippians 90

Instead of just consulting something more recent, why not give these ancients a voice at the table?

reformation-commentaryA starry sky of reformation lights illuminates the meaning of some of the most challenging material in the Bible.

runyanA welcome piece for any writer, wannabe writer, or aspiring poet.






ArchivisteditedWho knew that the Jesus movement would produce such a wealth of music on vinyl?

scottInformation to begin the dialogue with answers for everyone.

Leanor Ortega Till as interviewed in The Phantom TollboothRemember Five Iron Frenzy? Whatever happened to Five Iron Frenzy's Jeff the Girl? Read and learn.

Primetime Propaganda:The True Hollywood Story of How The Left Took Over Your TV as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothAn incisive, helpfully non-alarmist book, if those in positions of influence within the Church are paying attention.

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