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stott living_church_90Solid and passionate teaching on the church from a well-respected statesman.

Radical Disciple 90 What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Ir-Rev-Rend book cover. The good, the bad, the ugly, broken, struggling, raw, dirty erroneous, hypocritical Christians. In other words, us.

Living the Psalms90One of America’s finest Bible teachers makes the Psalms intensely practical.

The Master Music 90

Our life in God illustrated through the crafting and playing of an instrument





kingstone double You've got to love comics to make good comics – and there's an obvious love and respect for this American art form that drives Kingstone.

Remaining the copyKingstone Comics adapts The Remaining as a graphic novel and provides some good old fashioned horror-comic thrills along with a timely message

Duncan Is A Lonely Boy





The Way Way Back movie poster. In a season filled with capes, explosions, aliens, and sequel after sequel, it is refreshing to have a film come along that is unique.

The story of the controversial forefather of ‘Christian rock’ music, a format that’s still a thorn-in-the-side to many staunch pulpiteers – a fact that, somewhere in Heaven, is probably making Larry Norman smile.

101dev4busyfamiliesAt just over 100 pages, and pocket-size, it is handy to carry with you for personal inspiration or sharing a moment with someone.

Desert High by Doug VanPelt as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothMild mannered Rock 'n' Roll magazine publisher by day, time travler by night. It is a tale well told and one that is well worth reading.

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