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Barnabas - Little Foxes (Legends Remastered)The fifth and final album by Barnabas serves as a fitting end to the bands career. Little Foxes proved that the band didn't just get lucky with two good albums (like so many other metal bands did). Retroactive Records concludes the epic re-issue series in style.

Life & Times presents a dozen well-crafted pop/classic rock/slightly country tunes that are so well-crafted, so melodic, and so well-produced that Morse could fit easily into the James Taylor / Billy Joel category.

Beach Boys meets Fleet Foxes, anyone? Darlingside’s appeal goes beyond their well-honed harmonies. It feels like one I’ll enjoy for the rest of my life.

It is very hard for me to believe that this album is 35 years old.

This Kickstarter project has authentic lyrics and a raw, rootsy sound.

Musically, she covers the waterfront from gospel to Americana, a dash of 80’s alternative, and pop influences.

One need not know the language, nor the Scripture they're singing, to feel overwhelmed by it. Thankfully, in this age of the Internet, it needn't remain unheard by saints-and-ain'ts seeking a near divine musical experience.

Barnabas - Feel the Fire (Legends Remastered)The fourth album by the Barnabas saw the band reaching the pinnacle of their metal evolution. Retroactive Records continues the re-issue train with Feel the Fire, showcasing a band that had finally gelled together and perfected the sonic direction they were shooting for.

After not gaining much momentum from a major label debut, many wondered where Guardian would go from there. The band answered - loudly - with Fire and Love - an album that proved they were just getting warmed up with their previous album. To this day, scores of fans still name this as one of their favorite albums by Guardian.

Close your eyes and drift: here's another relaxing, elegant, melodic and atmospheric release from the stylish saxophonist’s ensemble.


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