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 This instrumental project is a suitable background for prayer and meditation, but is interesting enough to play on its own.

Streaming Out the Day manages to take the best aspects of various genres to create a new kind of jazzy prog for a more domesticated audience.

Like Big Big Train, this poetic album blends folk, soft-prog and a personal take on historic events. It deserves a wide audience.

The electro pop worship on the first two songs is a delight.

This is tight, powerful, energetic rock and roll music free from angst, unapologetically Christian, and just great fun to listen to – especially if you miss the days of Classic Rock, power vocals, tight, fiery solos and great production….

While players like Brons make albums like this, music is in safe hands. Beauty, skill and feeling flow here like water down a cataract. Many major artists never got close to this level on their solo projects.

The Neal Morse Band puts you in the front row and creates an immersive experience with The Great Adventour…..

Yes, let there be wonder, please – something unexpected, marvellous, heart stopping and mind-blowing.

This gifted guitarist gives us powerful, aching blues with shades of Hendrix, Kossoff and Gary Moore.

 “We’ve got a jack-knife beat, killer of a backbeat, sounds like an iceberg rolling down a back street.”  Not quite, but Rory playing live at the peak of his career is a blistering and majestic sound.

Rock supergroup finds the best from all its members. Despite the restraint their prog tendencies still shine through. Wonderful stuff.


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