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This is an exciting release with a completely new approach. But it’s more than just jazz, with one particularly remarkable re-invention. More music should be like this.


Blues With Friends is something of a master class in the blues. This wanderer knows exactly where he’s going.


Blues With Friends

This is the most eclectic release from The Brilliance yet and long may that continue. But more of it next time, please.

One of the most powerful and thoughtful lyricists in Christian music, the big names should be asking him to co-write, for everyone’s benefit.

The Scottish band returns with a quietly assured set of songs. They can sure write a chorus.

Starts as the musical equivalent to the Fast & Furious



“Your love is like springtime.”

Electronica pioneers reinvent some of their classic work.

Encouraging lyrics and creative Celtic instrumental work from the ‘Hendrix of the violin.’

…a guitar hero takes a new path on a A New Day and goes orchestral

A New Day                                                                               
Eric Gillette



A remedy for the times


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