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For anyone who likes minimalism, this choral collection of psalms and folk songs really is essential listening.

Whitehouse is much more than a folk artist and this proper double album shows two aspects of his talent.

This star-studded collection shows how varied the blues can be and showcases some wonderful playing.  

He’s back, progging and free of vocals - at last.  

  Two friends and early collaborators reunite on an excellent remake.

Earthy, but mystical, this pop-up folk quartet drift through traditional Irish songs “tackling love, poverty and oppression.”

this might just be the perfect Glass Hammer album for the uninitiated 

Dreaming City    

Both musically and lyrically, this release sums up intimate worship. I found myself listening to most of this with my eyes closed.

This album is impressive in its penchant for bright, punchy singles and hooks that keep you listening. His songs wrestle with the quality of his life, but know God’s dependability throughout.

 The beauty of unrealized service

This is an exciting release with a completely new approach. But it’s more than just jazz, with one particularly remarkable re-invention. More music should be like this.



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