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West has a new life and new focus, but this is a short album of promise not quite fulfilled.

In a genre as simple and saturated as blues, it takes something bold to stand out from the crowd. This one certainly has it.

There’s plenty to bang your head to on this project, air-guitar moments galore, and enough gritty but operatic metal vocal licks to challenge the toughest of vocal chords ….

…a gentle but powerful journey of musical invention.

Finally, Sara Groves covers a Stryper tune. Well, sort-of. Here’s Sara Groves’ second Christmas album – no frills, no jingle bells, but plenty of what Christmas is all about…. 

The Lexington Stretch has an almost nostalgic vibe to it, maybe because it’s a reminder of what we really look for in music – the human touch…

Those with musical curiosity … should lend their ears to these voices.

This wonderfully succeeds in helping a new generation discover the majesty of hymns.

 Exquisite arrangements and intriguing perspectives on Christ’s birth

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