The Phantom Tollbooth

Music and more from a Christian perspective

Slow down, and have your change ready

Since 1996

 A collection of sophisticated songs that are well written, beautifully performed, and ready to sweep you away to another place

The hour-plus Sola Gratia is technically immaculate and not without its fair share of emotional highlights

The Minnesota-based Jayhawks have made their name from some strong songwriting and quality production. This should only consolidate their position.

Stryper makes metal great again - maybe they’ll make a believer out of you...

The music is strong, immaculately-performed pre-prog, incorporating heavy, visceral themes with a pop sensibility…

That these musicians’ initials are MPG is appropriate, since many of these covers get more Miles Per Gallon than the originals…

A wave of well-crafted music…

God did not design us for suffocating spaces but for running in the fields.

A non-stop joy-fest from the five musicians onstage - a treat for the eyes and ears with waves of intricately-layered music and vocals

This collective takes folk and expands the sonic palette enormously, so giving traditional songs a new richness and each song its own personality. This is a laid-back, eclectic feast of music.

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