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There’s no way around it – Newsboys have a great way with both catchy songs and a powerful sound that takes them up another notch. This release sees Furler and Joel back among the newer line-up, hence the title.




Saying more in a different way; still relevant after all these years.

Minimalist piano and vocals, with dashes of improvisation, make this a truly distinctive release.

Rusby is often at her best when tugging heartstrings and she does that on this highly personal set, all decorated by an inventive and effective collage of sounds.

No bait-and-switch musical evangelism here – this rock opera is the real thing…

When the wife’s a way, the men make Bread …at least Rick Altizer does. You’ll understand…..

Irish Eurovision entrants deliver an authentic collection of national folk favourites with transatlantic guests.

This is how to make music. Crafted songs, beautifully sung, and played with dexterity. Whenever it ends, it has to go straight back on again.

Using sonics ranging from pulsating electro-rock to a Salvation Army backing band, Gabriel Wilson is the right man to bring out the best sound that Smith has enjoyed since prime Delirious? days. Two of his best ever songs are right here.           

With lots of strong tunes, thoughtful content and consummate musicianship, as with all Morse’s work, this rock opera is a project well worth exploring.

Researching this set of celebratory jazz re-issues has twice led to ecstatic rambles through Weber’s live works on YouTube. This one is special.

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