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As well as Leo Kottke-like guitar playing, a string quartet and buckets full of talent, Dawson always remembers to include some fine tunes.

Player A gives us something old, something new, something borrowed, and – yes, even something blue …but always with a smooth touch of jazz

Well, just when I thought there were no genre mash ups left – and Malcolm McLaren’s mix of punk and opera was a strange one – we now have folk artists covering disco songs. Does it work?

CeCe Winans’ teams up again with her son, Alvin Love III, to produce a Christmas album in classic form – stately, lush, filled with Christmas songs old and new, and of course that soulful voice...

Is Amerexotica a thing? It is now. This enjoyable singer-songwriter fare is only improved by its Indian decoration.

With its thin card sleeve, this may appear to be a humble budget update to the Dave Bainbridge canon, but don’t underestimate the enjoyment it contains.

Missed Delirious?? You will probably enjoy this one.

Classically-trained guitarist Richard Durrant calls this, “The most personal album I have ever made. It is both high art and low art, Christian and pagan, summer and winter.”

America meets Africa again – but this time America’s a lot more assertive. I can’t think of an easier way into world music.

While these themed cover songs come from such a wide range that not all will be favourites, Poulton’s re-working is fresh, full of verve – and occasionally miraculous.  

Somewhere in that patch of cosmos where Vivaldi, Satie and the Oyster Band meet, you could get out an ear-telescope and spot this wonderful set of genre-blending tunes.


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