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…they don’t sacrifice a measure of musical dexterity for the sake of style, but energetically attack originals and standards with equal amounts of enthusiasm.

The Gettys take a run at re-working some psalms, and add a bonus.

Faith pours through these words, whether critiquing culture, pointing to grace, reflecting on mortality, adoring God – or simply enjoying creativity in their wordplay and rich imagery.

Frank van Essen has brought the yin and yang of percussion and melody together in a breathtaking musical alchemy that produces sound-pictures for the contemplative heart…

Macleod’s mix of Celtic-tinged folk, Americana, rock, soul and electronica follows the template of how Christians should make music: honest, God-centred, appealing to the wider world - and superbly put together. This one needs to fly above the radar.

After SOAR, another album based on themes of bird and human migration! This one fuses Gaelic vocals, afro house, global rhythms and audacious  west African brass.

Turkish Canadians take traditional tunes and bathe them in shimmering, atmospheric guitars.  The dreamy soundscape saunters along with a subtle kick in its step, as it expresses the pain of rootlessness.

R&B stands out among EDM influences

If any musical realm should be open to physically handicapped performers, it's contemporary Christian music.

A beautiful meeting of two very different continents, and surprising connections.

Guitarist Jean Sandoval dips into the sound of all and creates a half-dozen songs that break the Sandoval mold…

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