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A brilliant balance of vocal and instrumental tracks, To The Far Away will thrill and delight fans of both Celtic and ‘traditional’ prog-rock, and anyone open to more adventurous realms of music in general. 

The pioneering prog rockers’ first new album in seven years stands above much of their later work. This is a subtle reinvention and a worthwhile addition to the canon.

The title hints at the ambition of this huge prog project. Why release just one album, when you can release two (or three) versions at once? But which one to buy?

Warm and fun, “Golden” celebrates God’s love

This pushes the ‘worship leader’ boundaries in a way that is long overdue.

This is the way to do Irish traditional music: beautiful tunes and a mix of moods. Nic Amhlaoibh means ‘Sea maiden’ and the sea is a theme in these songs.  

Stretching oneself musically can be worth the effort for both artists and listeners.

Am I crazy to compare them with Yes? This massive career retrospective of these mellow and oh-so-English proggers has plenty of highlights.

…many prog bands are proficient at creating songs that sound like riffs in search of a melody, but these stand out as strongly-composed songs, performed well and sung with style and power.

  The Neal Morse Band (now NMB) might pretend to be innocent but this is dangerously good music!

Arena-sized anthems from an Atlanta-based ministry

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