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Slow down, and have your change ready

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…an entertaining musical ‘Where’s Waldo’ of Zappa and British Invasion mash-ups, arranged for Big Band

Looking at Morse’s history, it’s a surprise it took him so long to make an album telling Paul’s story. And boy, was it worth it!

Come Home For Christmas proves that there is, after all, always room for another Christmas album

There are two big questions here: how old does a song have to be to be classed as a folk song? And how should you approach a cover – be faithful to the original or make it your own?

 It would be very hard to find another pair of musicians that can so seamlessly combine genres, and do it with such  style and technical ability as McStine and Minnemann…

This is the trio re-making the music that made them. Love Morse’s crew? You’ll probably love this too.

A highly relevant set of new songs for the church, these are more practical than many and start to plug a huge gap in the songbook.

Falling apart never sounded so good

Aimed squarely at the church market, this doesn't show all Hanna's strengths, but this is still a bunch of songs that work well.

Hackett has been prolific in recent years, but this was always going to be the big one.

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