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 The Flower Kings rule with By Royal Decree - a lean, melodic prog-rock trip

  By Royal Decree 

  Artist: The Flower Kings

   ...Elefante delivers an almost hour-long stampede of big, epic sound that blends classic rock and AOR with a sophisticated pre-prog sensibility...

This instrumental and ambient album, brilliantly-pitched as a successor to Mark Hollis’s latter Talk Talk work, is more than a tribute.

   Lindberg’s music is a satisfying hybrid of pop, rock and prog influences

   If it’s gonna’ be done right - you need to put it into the hands of the masters, and that’s what Edgar has done on Brother Johnny

There are many genres featured here, but Haworth’s distinctive style brings them together.

   With two themed albums out of his system, Miner gives us a ten-song collection telling us what’s on his mind and in his heart in his distinctive soul-infused style.

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