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Hackett has been prolific in recent years, but this was always going to be the big one.

These lockdown instrumental pieces, based on Iona tracks, are part of over nine hours of bonus material in the band’s box set The Book of Iona.

Feeling the Son after four seasons of winter

A wave of well-crafted music…

  A collection of sophisticated songs that are well written, beautifully performed, and ready to sweep you away to another place

a non-stop joy-fest from the five musicians onstage - a treat for the eyes and ears with waves of intricately-layered music and vocals

The hour-plus Sola Gratia is technically immaculate and not without its fair share of emotional highlights

Iona peer Hubble-like further into the unseen and give us a sonic Dali landscape painted by Turner: inspired, evocative, and yet conveyed with a breathy mistiness.

Stryper makes metal great again - maybe they’ll make a believer out of you...

This may be surprisingly sub-par for Iona, but its Celtic moments make it well worth its place in the box set.


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