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“Governments … controlled by men are without exception anti-life and anti-Christ.”

Be sturdy, reader, and forge ahead. Cailyn Lloyd writes with cliffhangers at the end of chapters. 

This highly readable musical autobiography is a great read for more than just those few key Genesis years.

This book about vocation would work well as daily devotionals for any Christian. The ‘everyone’ is in the title for a reason.

“I love you more than your mask” (Rich Mullins).

Twenty years of 160-second thoughts to the nation - and somehow a passing history of the 21st century - are collected here in all their wise, empathetic, amusing and relateable glory.

Author/photographer Rich Earl looks beyond the obvious and finds beauty and truth in environments that we too-often overlook or deem unimportant. This should give hope for the less pious - there is indeed a devotional for the rest of us!

 In The Hollow, Volume One - Winter

Rich Earl

Page enlivens an age-old topic with clarity, freshness, wisdom, humour, sight of the big picture – and a cheeky glint in his eye.



Pondering stories in the Church calendar year



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