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61. Procol Harum - US Tour - Northeast shows
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Created on 13 March 2019
62. Rance Allen Group, The - Live in San Francisco
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
The Rance Allen Group Live in San Francisco is a celebratory experience, even for those who’ve never known what it means to party with God…
Created on 12 January 2017
63. Resurrection Band - Colours
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Colours is in many ways a great snapshot of what Resurrection Band was all about.
Created on 01 September 2017
64. Rhythm Future Quartet - Travels
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
… these four musicians bounce off each other, intertwine melodically, mimic elaborate runs, and charge the air with unbridled energy and the sheer joy of playing.
Created on 17 January 2017
65. Rhythm Future Quartet and Friends
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
…they don’t sacrifice a measure of musical dexterity for the sake of style, but energetically attack originals and standards with equal amounts of enthusiasm.
Created on 28 December 2018
66. Rhythm Future Quartet at Joe's Pub, NYC
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
  There’s no weak link in this musical chain, as they navigated through the better part of two hours’ worth of stunningly-played classical/chamber/jazz …
Created on 10 May 2019
67. Riot Act, The
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
If what you crave is an hour and forty-something minutes of murder, mystery, romance, an opera-house and masked figures, then The Riot Act delivers.    
Created on 18 September 2019
68. Rock of Ageless - Stryper Soldiers on...
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Rock of Ageless: Stryper Soldiers on Three Decades Later
Created on 02 December 2016
69. Sandoval, Jean - Sound of All - Music by Jean Sandoval, Episode One
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Guitarist Jean Sandoval dips into the sound of all and creates a half-dozen songs that break the Sandoval mold…
Created on 07 November 2018
70. Security Project - Live 1
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
If you’re looking for some music with a little more thoughtfulness, substance, and maturity… Security Project Live 1, a Peter Gabriel tribute, will be a breath of fresh air.
Created on 15 July 2016
71. SHEL - Just Crazy Enough
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
As with their self-titled debut project, SHEL’s vocals and instrumental work are impeccable, but with less bluegrass influence, more introspection, and more aural exploration Just Crazy Enough reaches ...
Created on 18 May 2016
72. Stan & Ollie
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Stan & Ollie is a fine biopic that warms the heart and is capable of conjuring up some nostalgia and some tears.
Created on 30 December 2018
73. Steve Taylor and the Danielson Foil Live In Brooklyn, NY - February 11, 2016
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
  Foiled again ...and loving it!  
Created on 15 February 2016

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