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61. Paul Gil<span class="highlight">bert</span> and band in concert - The Iridium Jazz Club NYC&#160;...
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Paul Gilbert and Band                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ...
Created on 15 June 2019
62. Paul Winter and Gary Brooker - Winter Solstice Concert
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
A whiter shade of Winter
Created on 21 December 2016
63. Peacock, Charlie - When Light Flashes Help is on the Way
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
This is jazz that manages to sound contemporary, accessible, and funky enough to have a broad appeal.
Created on 03 March 2018
64. Pettay, Jordan - First Fruit
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Pettay has tapped into a truly joyful and worshipful vein, transcending the limitations of words and going straight to the creative wells of the soul
Created on 21 March 2019
65. Phil Cooke / Jonathan Bock - The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get it Back Phil Cooke and Jonathan Bock
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
The reader is encouraged to find their own special way of making a difference and living out a faith that’s better seen than explained....
Created on 21 March 2018
66. Player A - Devices, Techniques, and Mechanisms
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Player A gives us something old, something new, something borrowed, and – yes, even something blue …but always with a smooth touch of jazz
Created on 20 October 2018
67. Player A - On The Side
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Some of the best studio players in Nashville produce an impressive half-hour of emotionally satisfying and musically stunning jazz on the new project by Player A. On The Side is a tasty main course…
Created on 16 February 2016
68. Player A - Sand Dollar in My Suitcase
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
  A collection of sophisticated songs that are well written, beautifully performed, and ready to sweep you away to another place
Created on 10 September 2020
69. Procol Harum - Novum
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Five decades after “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” the legacy of Procol Harum is in very good hands on Novum, the band’s first new studio album in fourteen years…
Created on 03 April 2017
70. Procol Harum - Still There'll Be More - 50TH Anniversary Boxed Set
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
At last, here’s a logical compendium, offering selections from all of Procol Harum’s official recordings – a boxed set worthy of the legendary band that always gave us the best they had - and continue ...
Created on 06 March 2018
71. Procol Harum - US Tour - Northeast shows
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Created on 13 March 2019
72. Rance Allen Group, The - Live in San Francisco
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
The Rance Allen Group Live in San Francisco is a celebratory experience, even for those who’ve never known what it means to party with God…
Created on 12 January 2017
73. Resurrection Band - Colours
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Colours is in many ways a great snapshot of what Resurrection Band was all about.
Created on 01 September 2017

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