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41. Procol Harum - US Tour - Northeast shows
(Past Concert Reviews)
... ‘classic’ as well as the new material, winning over audiences not just because they showed up but because they performed memorably. When the crowd cries out for more, they do it with good reason…. Bert ...
Created on 13 March 2019
42. Taff, Russ and Tori - I Still Believe
(Past Book Reviews)
...    Bert Saraco        ...
Created on 03 March 2019
43. Hampson, Todd - The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times
(Past Book Reviews)
... of a humorous presentation of your apocalyptic studies.       Bert Saraco        ...
Created on 21 February 2019
44. Neal Morse Band, The - in Concert in Westbury, Long Island
(Past Concert Reviews)
... had his hands raised, eyes closed …and maybe a tear coming down his cheek. This, after all, is his great adventure.    - Bert Saraco (words and images) For more concert images from this show and ...
Created on 21 February 2019
45. Neal Morse Band, The - The Great Adventure
(Past Music Reviews)
... follow the paths found by Joseph, the abandoned son, through events found in the later parts of the book – with some story-telling liberties, of course. Each disc starts with an overture, and right off ...
Created on 08 February 2019
46. Switchfoot - Native Tongue
(Past Music Reviews)
... doing what it has always done best. Not a bad come-back for a band that’s been ‘on hiatus’ for a while. Welcome back – the vacation’s done you well.   -Bert Saraco  4 1/2 TOCKS To see Bert’s concert ...
Created on 29 January 2019
47. A Boy Called Sailboat
(Past Movie Reviews)
... film that draws you into its own particular world, and it just might do you well to visit. Bert Saraco    ...
Created on 17 January 2019
48. Focus - Focus 11
(Past Music Reviews)
...  blend of classic Focus and some strong new blood in the younger Gootjes and Pannekeet, who are a good fit. Come on “12”!  -Bert Saraco 4 tocks www.facebook.com/express.image      ...
Created on 02 January 2019
49. Stan & Ollie
(Past Movie Reviews)
... a fine biopic that warms the heart and is quite capable of conjuring up some nostalgia and some tears. I’m ready now for another film that will show how the whole thing started… Bert Saraco      ...
Created on 30 December 2018
50. Rhythm Future Quartet and Friends
(Past Music Reviews)
... their friends wisely. 4 tocks Bert Saraco   www.facebook.com/express.image  ...
Created on 28 December 2018
51. Amaral, Joe - Story in the Stars - Discovering God's Design and Plan for Our Universe
(Past Book Reviews)
... is an excellent overview and introduction. Besides, the author reveals he’s a Stryper fan in the Acknowledgements section. That’s gotta’ count for something.   Bert Saraco        ...
Created on 14 December 2018
52. van Essen, Frank - Sanctum
(Past Music Reviews)
... important for an artist to communicate as that. Bert Saraco 4 1/2 Tocks  ...
Created on 14 December 2018
53. <span class="highlight">Bert</span> <span class="highlight">Saraco</span>&#160;...
Bert Saraco ...
Created on 23 January 2016
54. Keaggy, Phil and Rex Paul - Illumination
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Illumination puts virtuosity in the context of relatable songs – songs that reflect the artists’ hearts as much as their technical chops in a progressive pop format.
Created on 27 April 2019
55. Lang, Jonny - in Concert at The Paramount 10/19/17
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Emotion seems to be squeezed through the instrument as Lang attacks the fretboard, grimacing and contorting his body in some kind of therapeutic ecstasy...
Created on 24 October 2017
56. Lang, Jonny - Signs
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Lang proves once again that his vocals are as formidable and visceral as his guitar playing. Add some solid songwriting, punch-in-the-gut production, and a solid group of players, and Signs is anything ...
Created on 31 August 2017
57. Lifesigns - Cardington
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Cardington is the latest project from Lifesigns, a prog band that combines virtuosity with a strong melodic stance grounded in solid songwriting …    
Created on 28 September 2019
58. LMT Connection - Funk Is The Final Frontier
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
If you crave the sound of a live band creating a solid groove – and you know you should – then Funk Is The Final Frontier will grab you right from the first track...
Created on 14 February 2017
59. Max, Kevin - Playing Games With The Shadow
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Playing Games With The Shadow is a pop album with sophistication and intelligence, full of hooks, nestled in new-wave and electro-pop, but with moments of raw rock and roll power. …easily accessible, but ...
Created on 21 April 2016
60. McClurkin, Donnie - The Journey (Live)
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
This is Donnie McClurkin full-strength …His voice soars, growls, and shouts, but is also smooth, sophisticated and jazzy, often displaying delightfully unexpected phrasing.
Created on 14 September 2016

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