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Joe Henschel: Capture Me
Artist: Joe Henschel with instrumentals by Henschel, Jonathan Macintosh, Mark Suhonen, Paul Droste, Evan Wickham, Sarah Macintosh and Tyler Carroll
(L)istener Records 2008 (00828-27962)
10 Tracks
Running Length: 44 Minutes
Joe Henschel is a rising artist from San Diego and Capture Me is his first album. He is the son of a minister and began leading worship with guitar when he was sixteen. This CD highlights his song writing skill, plus various accompaniments that can be woven around his lyrics.
Highlights of the CD are the first track, “My Heart Speaks,” saying “Glory in the Highest, you are my Lord.” Guitar accompaniment is powerful and the lyrics come through clear. “Track Three, “You’re My Victory” is one of the several songs that begins with a rousing introduction. This is, indeed, worship music. The lyrics tell you that “when the darkness falls someday, Jesus, you are my victory.” Track Four, “You Never Let Go” reminds us that “through the calm and through the storm you never let go, in every high every low.”
Track Six begins with acoustic guitar, but is more like a ballad and shows how the singer can project lyrics this way. “Sing your praises until the day’s end.” There is a nice atmosphere to this song and a nice break for the middle of the CD. “Track Eight,  “Shine Their Bright” is the best song on the CD. Accompaniment is finely done with lyrics of “You call my name in the night that is falling, you hold my hand in the light of your glory.” This grasps the listener with intent. 
The last track, “Capture Me,” is the name of the album. Here is a production number with chorus on the refrain and you could see this being done in a church setting. “Capture me with mercy, capture me with grace, hold my hands softly, ‘til your arms embrace.” The singer has a counter melody while the chorus repeats the refrain above. Lyrics, singer and instrumentals are in a good blend.
I found Joe Henschel to be a talented artist who combines meaningful lyrics with solid accompaniment. This album is a showcase of what he can do from a softer vocal tone to rousing vocals with guitar. Lyrics come through clear and that is essential in worship music because you have to reach through to the listener the first time.
Copyright 2009 Marie Asner 

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